About Laura


Laura Nelson is a Catholic speaker, a writer, a full-time lay minister, a wife, and a mother of three almost-adults.

Laura loves to help people fall in love with Jesus using her own (sometimes bad) example and a good laugh.  She finds joy in sharing her reflections on the spiritual life with anyone who will listen.  Even though her perspective is distinctly feminine, her message is for everyone-You don’t have to be perfect to be a saint!

Some of Laura’s favorite topics to write and speak about include the Universal Call to Holiness, the virtue of Humility, the struggle to follow The Way of Christ in everyday life, and how we express our love for God the Creator by caring for all of His Creation.

A native Texan, Laura has little tolerance for cold weather but thinks snow is nice every once in a while.  She loves to read, watch movies, play board games, and has recently become obsessed with sourdough bread baking.

Her biggest goal is sainthood for herself and her family. And her biggest challenge to that goal is herself.