A Thank You Note to God

Dear God,

After last week, I thought you deserved a proper thank you for all your intervention on my behalf.  You see, it wasn’t much more than a week ago that I felt like I was hitting a brick wall with two of my three children.  (I’ve informed the third child that he’s not allowed to have any issues until we can get the other two taken care of!)

After months of ongoing and nagging injury, my oldest son is finally starting making some progress toward healing.  Unfortunately for him it wasn’t fast enough because he’s now in a cast and on crutches but we know that this is the storm before the calm for him, so to speak.  And, we have faith that he’ll be up and around on his own TWO feet in a short time.  Thank you for sending us to the right doctor and for motivating our son to be a good patient and follow doctor’s orders.

As much as I appreciated your intervention with my son, what you did for me last week with my daughter was huge in my mind.  For weeks, she’s been unhappy at school and complaining about going.  She’s full of anxiety everyday about the demands of school even though she’s doing well academically and has friends and activities that she enjoys.  I was at my wits end trying to help her and, I’m embarrassed to say, didn’t come to you for help until a week ago.  I had reached the point where I was as knotted up as she was and I didn’t know what to do.  It was at that point that I finally prayed for your guidance.  Of course, you know that I have prayed for your guidance before but this was different.  This time, I had no pretense of knowing what to pray for.  All I did was ask for help and a sign so that I would know what to do.  Several days later you prompted me to remember something that a doctor had told me recently; something I had let go in one ear and out the other.  Something that I wouldn’t have remembered on my own.  Or, if I had, I wouldn’t have given it much thought.  It was only some vitamin suggestions but after my prayers, I knew it was something I needed to consider.  Days later, my daughter seemed happier and more relaxed.  As the week wore on, she seemed to improve.  I realize that she’s not over the hump.  She still has far to go to learn how to manage her stress in a healthy way but last week gave me the hope I needed not to give up trying to help her.  After a busy and tiring weekend, we seem to be back at square one but, now I have hope that she’ll be better once she catches up on sleep.  Thank you for nudging me in the right direction.  Thank you for giving me hope that things will get better.  And thank you for giving me an emotional break last week so that I can tackle this week a little easier!

I know there are countless other things to thank you for but, if I were to name them all, this letter would go on forever.  But, I promise this won’t be the last.  You deserve to get more than one thank you note.  So expect to see more from me.  Until then, we’ll talk in my prayers.


PS.  I can’t believe it, Lord.  I forgot to thank you for the beautiful hours-long theological/ philosophical discussion with my oldest son!  I could almost feel you patting me on the back and saying, “See, it’s working.  Keep it up!”  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thanks- what?

We are getting ready to celebrate what is quickly becoming the most understated and possibly overlooked holiday of the year-Thanksgiving.   Personally, I love Thanksgiving.  In fact, the older I get, the more I love it.  I like the idea of setting aside a day to give thanks.  I love that it involves spending time with family and friends.  There’s very little pressure other than cooking (which I enjoy) and the fact that pie is involved DEFINITELY doesn’t hurt!  After all, Thanksgiving is the pie holiday.  Halloween has candy.  Christmas has cookies.  Easter has brunch.  But, pie belong to Thanksgiving.

Now, I know I’m not alone in my love of this holiday.  Unfortunately, love for this holiday isn’t generally shared by the commercial and media powers that be.  After all, Thanksgiving has escaped the blatant commercialism that Halloween and Christmas have been victims of.  The grocery and gourmet foods stores do their best to milk some sales out of the holiday.  Even the home decor and kitchen stores make a buck or two out the last Thursday of November.  But, overall, Thanksgiving has remained mostly untouched by the marketing monster.  That may be another reason why I enjoy it so much.

Unfortunately, Thanksgiving has been getting squeezed out more and more every year.  All you have to do is visit a big box store or even your local town to see the quick change from Halloween to Christmas with perhaps a small display (if you’re lucky) dedicated to Thanksgiving.

The last few years, I have become more and more annoyed by this holiday snub.  Being the person that I am, I have repeatedly voiced my disgust to my family.  I have to say that I am proud to say that my 12 year-old is firmly in my camp.  He has even voiced his own annoyance this year without any prompting from me!  I’m so proud!

So, in the spirit of the Occupy Wall Street activists, I propose a new movement–Occupy Thanksgiving.  The rallying cry could be “Come to Thanksgiving, Sit a spell, Stay a while!”  Who’s with me?