On The Road Again

Just can’t wait to get on the road again. 

My apologies to Willie Nelson for borrowing his song. But I really can’t wait to get on the road again!

As you read this, I’m probably in the air somewhere between North Texas and Chicago en route to the Catholic Marketing Network Tradeshow AND Catholic Writer’s Guild Live Conference in the Chicago area and I couldn’t be more excited.

This will be my third conference but, since I tend to go every other year, my fourth year as a member of the Catholic Writer’s Guild.  The CWG has been HUGE in my journey of becoming a writer, speaker, and blogger.  I owe them a lot and I still have a lot to learn from them.  Hence my attendance at the conference.

For fun I’m also going to be playing the #CMNSelfie Scavenger Hunt game hosted by Erin McCole Cupp.  So, in the next several days you’ll be seeing lots of images of me on Twitter (follow me @TheLauraBNelson) with random people, paper popes, and conference swag.  Feel free to play along with the Home Version of the Game at #NOTatCMNselfie.  Who says you have to be present to win? (And by “win” I mean, not-get-a-prize-but-get-the-satisfaction-of-collecting-all-the-items-on-the-list.)

I’ll be spending some extra time in prayer this week at the conference.  (Catholic conferences are like that.)  And, I’ll be including my blog readers on my prayer list.  If you have any prayer intentions you’d like me to include, tweet me or leave me a blog comment and I’ll be sure to include you specifically in my prayers.

While we’re talking about prayer, say one for me this week as I travel, learn, and discern God’s will for me.  I really appreciate it.


Confessions of a Catholic Geek

I’m a Catholic Geek.  I admit it.  Anytime I hear the words “Catholic” or “Christian” my ears perk up.  It’s like those old EF Hutton commercials-“When Catholics talk, Laura listens.”  I’m a sucker for just about any book on theology, Christian spirituality, or prayer.  In fact, I’m so focused on faith these days that a non-Catholic friend of mine accused me of being a “closet evangelical!”

That gave me a good chuckle.  Then, I started thinking about her comment and, being who I am, I did an Internet search on the definition of evangelical.  This is what Bing had to say:


1.  of Protestant churches
emphasizing personal salvation:
relating or belonging
to any Protestant Christian church that emphasizes the authority of the Bible
and salvation through the personal acceptance of Jesus Christ

2.  relating to Christian
relating to or based on the Gospels of the
Christian Bible

3.  with strong
enthusiastic or zealous in support of a
particular cause and very eager to make other people share its beliefs or
According to these definitions, the only one that applies to me in the strictest sense is the third definition-“with strong beliefs”-check, “enthusiastic or very zealous in support of a particular cause”-check, and “very eager to make other people share its beliefs or ideals”-check.
[This is me getting on my soapbox.]
Here’s my issue though, why aren’t Catholics put in this category more often?  After all, I know a lot of Catholics who are on fire with their faith and are striving to share it with others.  Granted, evangelization in the common sense has not traditionally been considered a Catholic characteristic but I think that’s an old school view of Catholicism.  Modern Catholics are Bible reading, praying, witnessing members of society with love for God and neighbor.  Granted, their enthusiasm might not match mine.  It may be less (or more!) but I find that enthusiasm for anything isn’t as common as I think it should be.  But, that’s another post.
So, I’m appealing to all Christians including my Catholic brothers and sisters.  Don’t let the evangelicals hog all the enthusiasm.  There’s a lot to get excited about in our faith and it’s time we all start letting it show.  Start reading!  Start praying!  Start finding out why people like me are so excited!  Get out of your spiritual rut and feed your faith life!
[This is me getting off my soapbox.]
So, I guess I am evangelical, an evangelical Catholic, that is.