Small Success Thursday

Small Success Thursday

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These may seem small to you but to me they’re HUGE!

  • This week my son (with our help and guidance) decided what high school to go to and IT’S THE ONE I WANTED HIM TO CHOOSE!  I didn’t want to make the decision for him because he is strong-willed (understatement!) and would argue with me till the end of time that that the sky is green if he really believed it was.  I admire his conviction but you can see why we wanted and needed his buy-in.
  • My daughter has turned both a literal and figurative corner this week with her driver’s education.  The poor thing has had MAJOR anxiety about learning to drive but at the same time she really wants to learn.  This week she finally advanced from parking lots and our neighborhood to driving PLACES (ie: not in circles or doing laps).  She’s driven to her piano lesson, our elementary school, a friend’s house, a local golf store, church, AND the craft store (her happy place).  We even ventured on the access road to the highway that’s near us.  She’s the bravest person I think I’ve ever met.  Not because she’s fearless but because she fights through her fears.  Love. That. Girl.
  • I cleared off my desk!  Ah the feeling of seeing the top surface of your desk for the first time in months.  It’s like falling in love again!
  • I think I’ve finally figured out this thing they call “Twitter”.  It seems that you post (they call is “tweeting”) things for others to read and then you read others’ tweets.  Evidently, it works best when you comment, retweet, and favorite others’ tweets.  I think this might just catch on…
  • Finally, my other small (BIG) success is getting back on the blog this week with a vengeance. I’ve got so much to share with you about all that I learned at the Catholic Writer’s Guild Conference and Catholic Marketing Network Trade Show that I may drive you crazy with all of my posting.  Well, if blogging is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.



Year of Faith-Year of Prayer

Pope Benedict has declared the year beginning October 11, 2012, the Year of Faith.   The Holy Father wants us all to focus on learning about our faith and deepening our relationship with Jesus.
So, here’s my plan:  I’m going to spend my Year of Faith focused on my prayer life.  For me, it will be the Year of Prayer.  Each month I’ll focus my practice on a specific type of prayer. 

Since October is officially the Month of the Rosary, I will be focusing this month on the many ways there are to pray this ancient prayer.  This week my focus will be on praying the Rosary daily in whatever way I can-in the car, in bed, during Adoration. 

I have a couple of tools that I’ll be using this month to help me to focus my prayer efforts

  • The Laudate app for android (also available for iphones)-this free app has a wealth of interactive information including the daily mass readings, liturgy of the hours, an examination of conscience, stations of the cross, traditional prayers and, of course the Rosary. 
  • The Rosary on CD produced by the Mary Foundation and distributed by They have lots of free CDs that are informative, inspirational and prayerful.  Check them out.
  • Author Sarah Reinhard is promoting her new book, A Catholic Mother’s Companion to Pregnancy: Walking with Mary from Conception to Baptism, by holding a Rosary-based blog tour using reflections from the book.  Each day a different blog will host Sarah as she provides a reflection on one of the mysteries of the Rosary.  What a great way to enhance your prayer life.  You may even win a Nook!  Check it out.

I would love to have company on my Year of Prayer.  Will you join me?