Small Success Thursday

Small Success Thursday

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These may seem small to you but to me they’re HUGE!

  • This week my son (with our help and guidance) decided what high school to go to and IT’S THE ONE I WANTED HIM TO CHOOSE!  I didn’t want to make the decision for him because he is strong-willed (understatement!) and would argue with me till the end of time that that the sky is green if he really believed it was.  I admire his conviction but you can see why we wanted and needed his buy-in.
  • My daughter has turned both a literal and figurative corner this week with her driver’s education.  The poor thing has had MAJOR anxiety about learning to drive but at the same time she really wants to learn.  This week she finally advanced from parking lots and our neighborhood to driving PLACES (ie: not in circles or doing laps).  She’s driven to her piano lesson, our elementary school, a friend’s house, a local golf store, church, AND the craft store (her happy place).  We even ventured on the access road to the highway that’s near us.  She’s the bravest person I think I’ve ever met.  Not because she’s fearless but because she fights through her fears.  Love. That. Girl.
  • I cleared off my desk!  Ah the feeling of seeing the top surface of your desk for the first time in months.  It’s like falling in love again!
  • I think I’ve finally figured out this thing they call “Twitter”.  It seems that you post (they call is “tweeting”) things for others to read and then you read others’ tweets.  Evidently, it works best when you comment, retweet, and favorite others’ tweets.  I think this might just catch on…
  • Finally, my other small (BIG) success is getting back on the blog this week with a vengeance. I’ve got so much to share with you about all that I learned at the Catholic Writer’s Guild Conference and Catholic Marketing Network Trade Show that I may drive you crazy with all of my posting.  Well, if blogging is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.



Must Be Present to Win

In August, I had the chance to attend the Catholic Writers Conference which was held in conjunction with the Catholic Marketing Network Trade Show and the Catholic New Media Conference in Arlington, TX.  It was a great opportunity to learn, be inspired, and meet other Catholics who have a similar desire to spread the Gospel.

Throughout all of the events I attended and all that I learned, one theme jumped out at me: Show Up.  I realize this isn’t an innovative thought.  It isn’t new to me and it’s not new to you either.  In fact, through the years you’ve probably heard this old Woody Allen quote more than once,.-“Ninety percent of life is just showing up.”  

But, at the conference I learned how important this lesson can be.  For instance:

  • When you make an appointment-show up.
  • When you volunteer to help-show up.
  • When you get the opportunity to meet other authors, bloggers, speakers and publishers-show up!
  • Making connections with others online is good but when you can-show up in person.  It’s even better.

Keep in mind, though, that you can’t just be a warm body in the room.  You need to be mentally present as well as physically present.  You need to be engaged in what you’re doing and have enthusiasm for it.  While I was at the conference I tried my best to focus on what I was doing and not let myself be torn between the Conference and my family.  When I was with my family, I tried my best to focus on them and not let thoughts and activities from the Conference encroach upon our time together. [Note:  I said “tried” not “succeeded.” 😉 ]  When I got called away from the conference to take my son to the doctor after he broke his arm, I switched from “Author Mode” to “Mom Mode.”

(As I said to my son, “I always knew you’d break something.  I just thought it would be hearts!”)

Really, showing up is a way we express our love for each other.  In fact, sometimes it’s all you need to do. When my sister passed away from cancer almost eight years ago, the people who “showed up” for the funeral supported me far more than they’ll ever know.  I felt their love and their friendship buoy me in the weeks and months that followed her death.  When someone you know dies and you feel like you need to “do something” to help their loved ones, do your best to show up at the funeral. It will mean more to them than you realize. Give them a call a few weeks after the funeral just to tell them that you’re thinking of them.

But often it’s not major tragedies that call upon us to “show up”.  More often than not, “showing up” is about being there for a friend when they’re going through a hard time.  Give them your undivided attention.  Don’t check your watch.  Don’t rush them.  Don’t try and finish their sentences.  Just listen. Even more importantly, don’t wait for hard times to strike your friends or family.  “Show up” for them each time you’re together.  I guarantee that they’ll never doubt how you feel about them. 

Just because I’ve learned this lesson doesn’t mean I always practice what I preach.  I let my busy schedule take precedence over my relationships more often than I’d like to admit.  Maybe I’m a slow learner.  Maybe I’m just human.  Who knows?  What I do know is this-when lessons like this come to me, it usually means that God is trying to tell me something.

Gotta go!  It’s time to Show Up for my family!

Ministry Monday

After a great experience at the Catholic Writers Guild Conference/Catholic Marketing Network Trade Show/Catholic New Media Conference in August, I realized that there is a multitude of wonderful ministries that more people should know about.  So, I’m starting a weekly piece called Ministry Monday where I’ll highlight a couple of outstanding ministries that I think you’d enjoy.   There’ll be blogs, authors, websites and more.

I hope you find something among these posts to inspire you to dig deeper into your faith.

  • First up, a great blog by my new friend Mrs. Mackerelsnapper.  Mrs. M’s blog is all about meatless meals for Fridays but (here’s the catch) she observes meatless Fridays ALL YEAR LONG, not just during Lent.  Does the Church say we have to give up meat on all Fridays of the year?  No, but they used to pre-Vatican II.  So, why would we want to do this every Friday of the year?  In short, it’s a great way to offer up a small sacrifice in rememberance of the ultimate sacrifice that Christ made for us.  

Give it a try.  Don’t be scared.  Mrs. M with help you along the way.

  • Next up I want to tell you about a dynamic Catholic radio and TV personality, author and speaker-Teresa Tomeo.  Teresa is the host of the radio show Catholic Connection which airs on Ave Maria radio Monday through Friday from 8-10 am.  Not only is she a force of the Faith on radio, she’s also one of the hosts for the new EWTN talk show, Catholic View for Women.  Teresa has a wonderful ability to speak the truth about our faith without forgetting our human weaknesses.

Do you know of a ministry, blog, book, or website that more people should know about?  Share it with me and I’ll share the ministry love!