Cheap, Healthy & Green Beauty

In my ongoing efforts to be a good steward of Creation, I’m always on the lookout for ways to streamline my beauty routine. 

  • I’ve completely converted to the Oil Cleansing Method (LOVE IT!). 
  • I tried out the No-Poo shampoo for a while (liked it) but decided that it was a bit too drying for my aging hair.  (I may revisit that experiment again when I feel like I have some time to play with proportions.) 
  • I’ve also experimented with mineral makeup but decided I needed something with more moisture (aging again…)

Most recently I’ve experimented with natural deodorant brands such as Tom’s and Alba but have come away dissatisfied.  Some people love them but my take is that they’re fairly pricey and only mask odor.  I could accomplish the same thing with some well-placed perfume. 

Until now…I have finally found a deodorant that fits my criteria of cheap & healthy and I think it’s even green.  (Need to look into that a bit more.)  My new deodorant is….rubbing alcohol!  Yes, rubbing alcohol.  All I do is use a cotton ball to cleanse my armpits with rubbing alcohol after I bathe and let it dry.  When I want a little something special, I add some perfume to my underarms and I’m good to go!

Note:  This method doesn’t control perspiration.  When it’s important for me to stay dry, I will occasionally use a regular antiperspirant.  BUT, on the whole, I use the alcohol method and have been very happy with it.

So why do I take the trouble to look for an alternate method for stink control?  A couple of reasons:

  • My mother has Alzheimer’s Disease and aluminum has been linked to AD.  Almost all antiperspirants contain aluminum oxide to stop the wetness.  So, avoiding aluminum may reduce my risk of AD.  It may not.  But, it may.
  • Our bodies are made to sweat to rid our bodies of toxins.  Stopping underarm sweat “plugs up” that system.  It makes one wonder what happens to those toxins, doesn’t it?

And it’s inexpensive!  I love it when I can find something that’s healthy and cheap.  Those two qualities aren’t often present in one item.

I’ve only been using this method for a few months so I may change my mind entirely when the temperatures are over 100 for a few weeks.  But, for now, I’m good to go!

What methods or products have you tried to go green, healthy, or cheap?

Can’t wait to hear!