How it all began

I feel a need to begin this blog by explaining how I became interested in the connection between faith and the environment.  So here goes. . .

About five years ago I volunteered to lead the Environmental Committee at my childrens’ elementary school.  I can’t say that I knew much about conservation issues at that time but I did feel it was an important issue so in I jumped with both feet.  I began to research project ideas for the school as well as meet with similar volunteers from other schools to share ideas. 

The more I researched, the more whispers of my Catholic faith returned to me.  I began to feel like I had heard some of these earthy-friendly principals before but in a different context.  In fact, the cardinal virtues came to mind.  More specifically, I thought of temperance and how it is an underlying and unspoken principal in environmental circles.  Living a life of moderation through the virtue of temperance would all but eliminate most environmental issues. 

I began to research and found that my brilliant idea that faith should be the basis for environmentalism was indeed brilliant but it wasn’t MY idea!  In fact, the Catholic Church has been discussing this very idea for over two thousand years!  Well, the fact that I wasn’t as original as I thought was a bit humbling.  But, I was also gratified and encouraged that I was on the right track.  The only problem was, there was very little information written for the average lay Catholic about our role as stewards of the environment.  There was plenty of information written for academic purposes but not for the typical, busy “parishioner on the street”.

I decided that I needed to spread the word about this idea of faith being our motivation to care for the environment.  And, since I consider myself to be a typical “parishioner on the street”, I thought I could speak from a perspective of one who is struggling to learn and understand as well.

That’s how the concept of how “Green 4 God” was born.  I have since spoken to several ministry groups about this subject and continue to do so.  In addition, I have written newspaper articles and am currently writing a book called “Green 4 God” as well.

I hope this blog educates and inspires you and removes some of the intimidation and guilt often associated with the environment and, unfortunately, with our faith.

Next post–Why the “4” in Green 4 God?

1 thought on “How it all began

  1. I'm proud of you Laura. You're a true inspiration! Best wishes, Julie

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