Doing all the Good

When I was a kid, my Dad would occasionally give out awards to us.  Usually, the prize was a sticker or a stick of gum (we were easily impressed).  Dad called them the “Doing-All-the-Good” Awards.  Really, it was just his way of giving us a treat and encouraging us for generally being good kids.  We didn’t have to do anything wildly outstanding.  We just had to keep doing all the good.

Today, I want to give out my own “Doing-All-the-Good” award.  Who knows, maybe this will become a regular thing? 

To earn a Green 4 God D.A.G. Award, you have to be someone who does their best in their everyday life to be a good steward of the environment.  It helps if you have to make some extra efforts to do so, and if you are not benefiting financially from your efforts.  Now, since lots of places will buy your recyclable items from you, I will not count that against you unless you’ve turned it into an income stream for yourself.

So the first ever winner of the G4G D.A.G. Award is. . .[cue: drum roll]. . St. Francis of Assisi’s Children’s Discovery Center Preschool in Grapevine, Texas!!!!  [applause]

True to the name of it’s patron saint, St. Francis CDC takes it’s job as stewards of creation seriously.  The CDC’s director, Karen Deal, has gone to considerable lengths to make sure the center is doing all that it can to care for the earth even to the extent of carting the recycling in her own car to get it recycled. Mrs. Deal is also always looking for new ways to be a good steward.  She has found sources for crayon and glue stick recycling and she converted the school from disposable paper cups to reusable cups for snack time.

Mrs. Deal has also added an Earth Day celebration at the preschool set within a spiritual context to help raise the next generation of the earth’s caretakers.  Mrs. Deal often says, “Taking care of the environment is not a political issue, it’s a spiritual issue.”

Karen, I couldn’t agree more!  You’ve managed to sum up the Green 4 God philosophy in a sentence! 🙂

Congratulations again to the St. Francis Children’s Discovery Center in Grapevine, Texas!  What a great example of Catholics putting their faith in action.  Mrs. Deal, your stick of gum is on the way!

Now, it’s your turn to nominate a person or organization to get a G4G D.A.G. award.  Send your nominations to me at and I will be sure to recognize your nominee in some way.


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