Welcome to Green 4 God

Welcome to my blog, Green 4 God!  This blog discusses the connection between faith and the environment from a Catholic perspective with the hope of educating and inspiring the reader to make small but significant lifestyle changes.  Come learn why the environment is really an issue of faith and how to put that faith into action in practical, creative and attainable ways.  You’ll also witness my own journey to become a deeper shade of green.

As time has gone by here at G4G, I’ve noticed that my
posts are diverging slightly from it’s original focus on faith and the
environment.  I’ll continue to post
information on faith and on living “greener” in order to help you and
myself to keep moving forward on our journeys as stewards of

However, since my faith deeply affects my
perspective on life, I will also be writing about my observations and feelings
on a variety of different subjects.  I
hope to always communicate my faith to you both directly and indirectly in an
entertaining way. 
If you want information that is directly related
to our stewardship of Creation, please look under the archive and you’ll see
many posts on the subject.  I suggest you
start with “How it all began”.

I hope you find information and inspiration here at “Green 4 God”.

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