Holy Week Hash

A little of this, a little of that.  Write it up and you get Holy Week Hash! 

  • The last time I posted, my family and I were eagerly awaiting the election of our new pope.  Since then, we’ve not only learned the name of our new pope, we’ve also begun to learn a bit about the man and what his papacy might look like over time.  Personally, I’m really getting excited about Pope Francis.  The more I learn about him and the more I see of his papacy, the more I admire his integrity, humility, compassion, and mercy.  On top of all that, I like what I see of his leadership style-simple, straightforward, kind, and consistent.  Over the last few weeks there has been more than once when I’ve thought, “Yes!  That’s what we need!”  So, Pope Francis, I give you my blessing and ask you to continue to bless our Church with your faithful leadership.
  • Well, things have been rough at my house since I last posted.  My husband left the country on business and, of course, all hell broke loose while he was gone.  Not only did the house rebel in his absence (light bulbs in very high places going out, mysterious smells in the house, appliances not working correctly), but two of our three children had traumatic or dramatic weeks (ex: a week-long migraine that wouldn’t go away with Tylenol with codeine!).  I can’t say that all is calm now that my hubby is back but, the migraines are under control and I’m calmer (he has that effect on me 🙂 )so we’ll call it progress.
  • Due to my rough patch last week, I fell off my Lenten wagon, so to speak.  My plan this Lent was to keep it simple and doable –go to Eucharistic Adoration once a week and say one Rosary each week.  Things had been going well but…Why is it that the times I need to pray the most are the times when it gets pushed to the side?  At least I’m consistent, I do the same with eating well and exercising.  When I’m under stress and really need to eat right and exercise is when I’m sitting on the couch and eating fast food.  Spoiler Alert:  I’m not perfect.  (I know!  It’s news to me too!  😉 )
  • Despite all the drama and trauma in our lives lately, there have been some bright spots and fun moments.  I’ve been entertaining myself with a new frugal and green project that will be part of an upcoming post.  So stayed tuned for some household science projects that will save you money and, perhaps, the earth!
  • This weekend will be filled with cooking, egg coloring, prayer, and time with family.  If I can squeeze a nap in there too, it might just be the perfect weekend!

May the spirit of the Resurrection fill you with hope and faith in the love of God!
Easter Blessings,

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