Book Review-The Book of Helen by Sherry Antonetti

What do you get when you cross a dethroned demi-goddess with a childhood rival?  (And , no.  This isn’t the beginning of a bad joke!)  You get scandal, jealousy, strategy, survival, redemption, retribution, and intrigue all wrapped in one.

you consider mythology a type of history then The Book of Helen is a great example of historical fiction.  If you don’t, then it’s just great fiction.

Sherry Antonetti had her work cut out for her when she decided to write
about Helen of Troy.

Sorting through the
many myths that surround Helen and compiling them into one comprehensive
character would scare most writers off but not this one.

Antonetti artfully created a
three-dimensional character out of a mythical demi-goddess.

This story is the fruit of her research and
her imagination.

I have to admit that it took me a while to get into this
book but once I did, I was hooked.

Book of Helen tells what happened to Helen at the age of sixty-five after her
husband, Menelaus, died.

Not only does
she lose her power, she also loses her home and what is left of her

In the style of a true survivor,
Helen travels to Rhodes to live out her exile with her childhood friend and
the sitting Queen of Rhodes, Polyoxo.

for Helen, Queen Polyoxo is not the friend that Helen thinks she is.

What follows is a story of survival, redemption, intrigue,
revenge, and festering wounds that are constantly fed by resentment and the
stories of the court poets.

The Book of
Helen is a book that will affect your heart, your mind, your curiosity, and
your fascination with mythology.

  The Book of Helen is available on

Amazon Kindle

and from

Muse It Up Publishing

in ebook format.



Sherry Antonetti is a Catholic writer, happily married, and mother to ten
children. Past publications include the Catholic Digest, Faith and Family Live,
National Catholic Register, the Catholic Standard, East Texas Catholic and the
Washington Post. The Book of Helen via Museitup Publishing, is her first foray
into the world of Historical Fiction. You can email her at


2 thoughts on “Book Review-The Book of Helen by Sherry Antonetti

  1. Too bad it's not available in print! Just discovered you from Catholicmom! Have a blessed day.

  2. Welcome to the blog Robbie! Glad to have you here. Hopefully The Book of Helen will get so popular that they start printing it. Until then, I'm glad I have an e-reader!Can't wait to check out your blog! Blessings,Laura

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