This Just Might Catch On…

They call it “rest” from what I’m told.  Last week while most mothers were frantically planning, cooking, and cleaning I was recuperating from minor surgery. (Emphasis on “minor” with the acknowledgment that the only “minor” surgery is one that happens to someone else.  So, for me, my minor surgery was somewhat significant. Funny how minor surgery can knock you off your feet for a few days!)

Seriously, I haven’t rested this much since my last pregnancy and that’s been almost twelve years ago!  Besides the obvious benefit of the recuperative qualities of resting, I noticed one or two other benefits that aren’t as obvious.

  1. When Momma can’t do everything Momma usually does, someone else has to.  My dear husband took great care of me (as usual) but I tried to direct the majority of my helplessness toward my lovely children.  I was pleasantly surprised how capable and helpful they’ve become!  So–
    • Blessing #1-My children are growing up to be capable and caring individuals.
    • Lesson #1-Since they’re so capable, I need to let them “practice” being capable more often (i.e. Do less for them!)
  2. When it hurts to move or bend you have to sit still.  Sitting still is NOT my strength.  Just ask my dear husband in the evening as I flit from task to task to tie up loose ends before bed.  The poor guy is just trying to sit with his wife for goodness sake! BUT when you’re forced to sit still you can either fight it or embrace it.  The first few days I embraced it and I found that the time we spent as a family was much sweeter, slower, and more relaxed.  We played more board games, watched more movies, and had more silly conversations than we do when I’m completely mobile.
    • Blessing #2-Being off my feet helped me be more present with my family.
    • Lesson #2-Stop rushing around!  Sit down and just hang out.  The to-do list isn’t going anywhere.
  3. When you catch up on rest, it’s amazing how much better you’re able to handle stress.  Suddenly things don’t rattle you as easily and your sense of humor improves immensely.
    • Blessing #3-I feel rested and ready to embrace Advent and the upcoming Christmas season.
    • Lesson #3-I need to make sure that I get enough sleep day-to-day because it DOES affect me even if I don’t want to admit it.

So, in a nutshell-Rest is good.  Get more of it.  It’s good for you and for the people who interact with you. You’ll thank me. They’ll thank me.  We’ll all be happier.  Agreed? Good!  Now, go take a nap!

May your journey be blessed!


(The Suburban Saint)

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