Now for the Big Finish!

Don’t get excited yet!  I’m not finishing my blog.  Just a part of my blog.

Today marks a milestone for “Green 4 God”.  This will be the final installment about the foundation for the Church’s teachings on environmental stewardship.  After today, things on the blog will begin to look a little different.  I’ll be starting to post a little more frequently with “Off Topic Tuesday”-which could be anything, really; consider it a blog “grab bag”, and “Theology Thursdays”-which will expand the “Green 4 God” discussion into practical ways we can live as stewards of the environment.  I will be recommending books and websites as well as other ideas of things you can do to put your faith in action. 

Now, you can get excited! Cause I know I am!

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming. . .

Now that we’ve discussed the scriptures, the virtues and social justice teachings.  It’s time for us to talk about the greatest spiritual reason we have for taking care of the gift of Creation–God.

Honestly, what better reason can you think of than to take care of the earth because God gave it to us?  After all, he didn’t have to create us.  God doesn’t need us.  He’s GOD!  He can pretty much handle things on His own without our help.  But, out of love for us (with all our faults and imperfections) God created this amazing world for us to live in.  He just wants us to take care of it and use it with love.

What better way for us to show our love for God than to care for the gift he gave us?  In fact, what better way to give glory and praise to Him as well?  The scriptures are full of people who were inspired by Creation to give praise to God.  Following in their footsteps, haven’t you ever been moved by the wonder of nature or by the human body that you are filled with awe about the greatness of God?  I know I have.

Of course, there are times when we all have been known to rush about and forget to “smell the roses”.  Remember the scene in the movie Vacation when the family is standing in front of the Grand Canyon and Chevy Chase nods his head a couple of times and then rushes everyone off to the next destination?  When have we been guilty of that kind of  dismissive attitude of the wonders of Creation?  Chances are, at that time in your life you were also dismissive of the glory of God. 

The next time you look at your children or even your pet and wonder at the amazing miracle that their life is, remember to give a shout out to God in thanks and praise.  After all, what came first, the chicken or the egg or God?  I’ll let you answer that question yourself.


Next week:  The fun begins!

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