Call me Mrs. Jetson!

As I write this, I’m also vacuuming my floors.  No, I don’t have superpowers.  No, I don’t have any extra arms.  And no, I don’t have a maid.  I do, however, have a robot!

The ironic thing is that my husband has been in the robotics industry for 20 years.  I can’t believe it took us this long to get one of our own!  When he would go on business trips, I would often jokingly tell him to bring home some free samples.  Alas, no souvenir robots came my way!  When my friends would ask me what my husband did they would be very impressed when I said that he worked with robots.  But, their excitement would deflate when they found out that I didn’t have a robot doing my laundry or dishes like Jane Jetson.

Now, my days of servitude are now over thanks to our latest purchase.  We recently made perhaps, one of the best purchases we’ve ever made- a robot vacuum.  So far, we are thrilled!  It rolls around the house sucking up dirt, dust and dog hair while we go on with the rest of our lives.  It’s not too loud so we can still make phone calls or read or study or even write while it’s running. 

All those promises of technology giving us more leisure time have, for the most part, been a lie.  We still have tons of things to do, they’re just different things.  But, the robot vacuum might actually fulfill a bit of that promise.  I’m even thinking of buying some bon-bons and getting a new pair of fluffy slippers.   On the other hand, I haven’t spent that much time vacuuming my house in the past.  I confess that I’m not what you would call fastidious as a housekeeper.   In fact, this winter after deciding that we probably needed to refinish our kitchen cabinets, I started wiping them down with some furniture cleaner.  Lo and behold, the cabinets didn’t need to be refinished, they just needed to be cleaned!  That revelation saved us several hundreds of dollars.  Sure, B.R. (Before the Robot), we would clean the floors but not nearly as often as we could have or probably should have. So, in all honesty, the robot isn’t buying us time but it is giving us a much cleaner floor.

So, you can call me Mrs. Jetson if you want but I’ll still answer to Laura.  Now, if I can only find a robot that will dust . . .


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