Perfectly Green

Tell the truth.  Are you one of those people who approaches change headfirst and dives right in?  You know, a real “all or nothing” approach.  OR, are you more likely to ease into change a little at a time with some trepidation?

If you’re not sure which you are, I can help you by asking you only one question: 

How do you enter a swimming pool? 

That’s right, a swimming pool.  Do you dive in headfirst? Or, do you dip in one toe at a time slowly easing yourself under the water until you get used to the temperature?  If you’re still not sure, you probably haven’t gone swimming in a while. 

I used to be a “dive in” kinda girl but I figured out that my “all or nothing”  approach usually ended up with “nothing” or at least “very little.”  I’m an enthusiastic person and when I get excited about an idea or a project, I get ambitious and tend to overload myself.  But, over time I’ve realized that if I channel my enthusiasm into more moderate goals I’m much more successful and productive.  If I make small changes I can stick with, those changes can become lifelong habits instead of impulsive whims.

A lot of people approach their attempts to “go green” the same way I used to.  If they can’t have a perfect compost pile, then they don’t even try.  They get caught up in the pressure to be “greener” (or to at least be “greener” than their neighbors) and they freeze up.

I’m here to tell you that no one is “perfectly green”.  Let go of that idea right now. Instead, strive to be “imperfectly green.”  Suddenly, the pressure is off and you have complete freedom to mess up!   My first attempt at composting produced a corn stalk growing out of it!  I learned a lot from that attempt that I can integrate into a second attempt when I’m ready.  I’ve learned that finding one or two small things that I can change (maybe lunch containers or the location or quantity of my recycling bins) is a much more manageable way for me to change my lifestyle. 

So, I encourage you to make the resolution to be “Imperfectly Green” by taking this pledge:

“I, (name), promise to try new ways to care for creation.  I promise to take on small changes and to mess them up from time to time.  I promise to eliminate “perfect” from my vocabulary and to strive instead for progress.  I promise to laugh at myself and not get stressed out when bugs invade my organic garden.  But most of all, I promise to keep trying because I know that even my imperfection pleases God when I use it to try and please Him.” 

Imperfectly Yours,

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