Was lost, but now . . .

In this case, my voice is what has been lost.  And so far, it hasn’t been found.  Usually when I lose my voice, which happens once or twice a year, it comes back within a day.  Well, I am now on Day Four of no voice and I’m starting to get tired of this.

Despite my frustration I have been noticing both good and bad aspects of losing your voice.  So, I present you with the “Pros and Cons of Losing Your Voice”:

PRO-There are times when you don’t really know what to say.  When you lose your voice, you at least have an excuse for not saying anything.

CON-There are times when you DO know exactly what you want to say.  In that case, holding your tongue is almost more painful than speaking.  Guess it’s time to do some writing!

PRO-When you can’t talk it definitely makes you a better listener.  It’s amazing what you can hear when your gums aren’t flapping!

CON-Just because you’re a better listener doesn’t mean the rest of the world is.  Have you ever tried to get the attention of two boys while they are playing video games?  I’m thinking of getting an air horn if this lasts much longer.

PRO-There is a sense of calm that comes with not talking.  I guess it comes from having more time to think about things before you attempt communication.  No worry.  No hurry!

CON-For a social person, such as myself, not talking means a bit of self-induced isolation.  I have to limit my contact with others or I will be tempted to strain what’s left of my voice.

PRO-My family has been very concerned about me and have made efforts (despite the video game distractions) to help me rest my voice.  As a mom, it’s not often that you are the one being taken care of.  I could get used to this!

CON-My youngest has taken on his role as “protector of mom’s voice” with gusto.  Even mouthing the responses and songs was against his rules!

PRO-A quiet mouth gives you time for prayer and contemplation.

CON-Have you ever tried to participate in Mass without a voice?  I  know there are people who rarely sing or pray the responses during the liturgy but I am NOT one of those people!  Seriously, there is a reason that songs, prayers and responses are part of the Mass.  It was much harder for me to focus (maybe that’s just me) and feel a part of the liturgy.  I felt disconnected with the rest of the congregation.  Verbal responses connect us with each other.  They build relationship.

And finally,

PRO-This is only temporary.  I will get better.

CON-See above.


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